“What Would You Do With $100,000?”

Your Responses: “How Will $100,000 Change Your Life?”

From Jeff Yastine
Editorial Director, Banyan Hill

It’s humbling…

And quite inspiring.

I’d like to change things up a little with today’s post, because you have all truly moved me.

Matt and I have been going through your responses to our question: “How would you use $100,000 to change your life?”

You may remember, we asked you to write in and I’ll be honest … the responses were far more uplifting than I could have imagined.

Often when you ask a person what they’d do with a newfound ton of money you’d expect the usual responses.

Take a cruise.

Buy a boat.

Spend it all on a second dream home.

And that’s alright. We all dream of having the money to live out the retirement of our dreams.

But I also saw quite a few responses like this one from Susanne:

“If I had $100,000, I would start an interior design business.”

And this one from Glen:

“I would use it for my grandkids’ college funds.”

And this one from Rose:

“I would help my daughter adopt a baby.”

And I found this one from Conner quite moving as well:

“I would use it to supplement my retirement fund and have the peace of mind knowing that if the future doesn’t happen the way I think it’s going to, my family will have a cushion to fall back on.”

I want to thank everyone who wrote in. There were literally thousands of you who responded.

This makes us even more excited by the opportunity to help you take advantage of Matt’s new Front Line Profits strategy. Knowing that we are going to have the chance to impact the lives of REAL people with REAL dreams and desires.

I hope you’re as revved up about it as I am.

During Thursday’s Front Line Profits Summit, Matt Badiali revealed his most exciting and ambitious strategy to date — a proprietary, three-step strategy for targeting gains of 1,000% or more in junior mining stocks.

Matt has customized this strategy for folks like you … who want to supercharge their retirement … help family and friends enjoy life more … do more for their community … and whatever else that a stream of tenfold gains can bring you.

I’ve included many more of your responses below … I thought you might like the chance read through them (some may even surprise you!).

Have a look…

  • I would use the money to travel more and make gifts for my kids and grandson.
  • Replace our 15-year-old car and reduce our mortgage.
  • Fund college for my grandchildren.
  • I would use the money to help with financial issues that have occurred since I fell of a ladder and have not been able to work.
  • Sell our current home and move to a new home for retirement.
  • Pay back my family. They were there and tried to help financially when they could.
  • Pay off my mortgage and be debt free.
  • Buy a present for my wife. She’s always there when I need her the most.
  • Pay off both cars and help my mother with medical assistance.
  • Pay off the house and treat my grandchildren.
  • I would go on a beautiful cruise to the Pacific Northwest. I love to watch the whales swim and would be able to visit my son who lives on Puget Sound.
  • I would love to build an urgent homeless shelter in Knoxville to help others who are less fortunate.
  • Ensure that my wife has the retirement she deserves and do some international travel with her.
  • It would go a long way to helping pay off my family’s student loan debt.
  • $100,000 would keep me in the States with my family instead of having to contract overseas in war zones.
  • I would reinvest 10% in myself (education and seminars), give 10% to charity and put the rest into future investments.
  • It would allow me to retire this year instead of having to work three more years.
  • It would give me great pleasure to be able to send a grandson through college, a granddaughter through medical school and to pay off the loan another grandson has.
  • Improve my retirement funds for my wife; I don’t want her to worry about money after I’m gone.
  • I would use every penny to get a good doctor for my 54-year-old daughter who has painful medical problems.
  • Give to the church.
  • I would give my local church the first $10,000. Then I would give the University of Georgia the second $10,000. The I would set aside $5,000 for each of my 15 grandchildren. And I would use what’s left to take my wife on a vacation.
  • I am retired and my wife is not, yet. $100,000 would go a long way toward reaching that goal. We look forward to the freedom to travel together once our time is our own.
  • Help kids with cancer (Make A Wish, Ronald McDonald House, St. Jude’s Hospital for Children).
  • I plan to use that first $100,000 to help fund long-term care for me and my wife.
  • As a retiree, I will just use it to supplement my income.
  • Payoff my house and help the family payoff other bills.
  • Home improvement, travel, clothes, pay off credit cards, etc.
  • I would donate 90% and keep the other 10% for investment.
  • Reinvest and turn it into $1 million!
  • Travel to visit family who live significant distances from my wife and myself.
  • I am retired and would use $100,000 to help move from Illinois to a more tax-friendly state.
  • Set it aside for future costs — house, food, medical, etc. — for my wife.
  • I would buy land in Ireland, put 20% into gold and use the rest to visit the U.S. and travel over the Rockies in winter.
  • I would retire early.

Now, These Dreams Could Become Reality

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Jeff Yastine
Editorial Director, Banyan Hill