This 1 Chart Holds the Key to Growing Your Money Tenfold With Resource Stocks

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I’ll be honest, Matt and I were going to save this chart for the live summit on Thursday.

But, while reviewing in preparation for the event, I decided it was just too important to not share now.

This one chart alone shows why you don’t have to put yourself at unnecessary risk when you pursue 1,000% gains in natural resource stocks.

And it’s a key reason why Matt’s proprietary, three-part strategy is capable of leading you to opportunities like Millrock Resources, which shot up 2,500% … Endeavour Silver Corporation, which shot up 1,580% … and Aurelian Resources, which shot up 6,250% … as shown throughout our historical analysis.

Gains like these are almost unheard of.

$10,000 could have turned into $250,000 … $158,000 … and even $625,000 in as little as nine months.

It’s simply breathtaking.

I reviewed it with Matt over the phone yesterday. You can listen as he explains the importance of this chart. And you’ll see why it can mean the difference between making a 230% gain or an extraordinary 6,250% gain with junior mining stocks.

So please take a moment to read the transcript of our conversation.

Jeff: Hi Matt, it’s Jeff. Are you all set to go over the chart I emailed you about earlier?

Matt: Hi Jeff, yeah, I’m ready. Do you have the chart open on your screen?

Jeff: Yes, I’m looking at it now. By the way, thanks for taking time out of your weekend to go over this with me in a little more detail. While I was looking through some of the material for our presentation this Thursday, this chart really stood out.

It’s clear that it played a key role in the development of your new strategy … and I really think it would be great to share it with our summit attendees now, ahead of the summit. So, I’m recording our call, OK?

Matt: OK, that sounds great.

Jeff: You call this chart the discovery curve. Can you tell me more about?

Matt: Sure.

Earlier this week, we posted some articles on the Front Line Profits blog about my No. 1 rule for capturing gains of 1,000% or more…

Jeff: Do NOT get in the moment when a new gold, silver or other resource discovery is made.

Matt: Right. Just because they found a new resource deposit doesn’t mean they can get it out of the ground cheaply enough to make a profit.

Only about one new discovery in 10 ends up being profitable.

Jeff: So, if one were to invest in a junior resource stock simply because they made a new discovery, there is a 90% chance one would lose money on it.

Matt: And even if it did turn out to be the “right” one, it could be months or years before they reach a point where the stock really starts to climb.

This chart not only shows why, but it also reveals the ideal window of opportunity to get in and capture 1,000% gains.

There are far too many huge moneymaking opportunities shaping up in the resource sector right now to waste time sitting in one that isn’t primed to climb yet.

That’s where the discovery curve comes in to play.

Jeff: That’s what surprised me so much. I’m looking at the next version of the chart that you included in the notes you sent me … and it clearly shows you don’t have put yourself at risk by trying to guess “if” or “when” a new discovery could lead to a 1,000%-plus gain.

[insert Disovery Curve chart with ‘initial discovery’ arrow and circled area (from promo)]

Matt: You got it. Take a look at the area on the curve that I circled. That’s where, or should I say “when” the magic happens.

There are three key signs that a company truly has what it takes to turn a new discover into a tenfold payday. As you know, they’re the lynchpins of my new strategy that we’ll be revealing on Thursday. And this area of the discovery curve is the window of opportunity I focus on to spot them.

Jeff: You included a great example of the HUGE boost in profits one can see by waiting for the right moment … and the right signs … on the discovery curve. Aurelian Resources. I’ve got your chart on my screen now. The impact is amazing.

Matt: It sure is. People who got into Aurelian the moment it announced its big Condor discovery would’ve seen a gain of 230% in a matter of weeks … only to see it fall back down to 0% just as quick.[i]

Jeff: But our historical analysis of your strategy shows that the moment all three of your proprietary signals were met, shares of Aurelian exploded much, much higher.

They soared 6,250% … enough to turn $10,000 into $625,000.

It’s nothing short of breathtaking.

Matt: Well, nothing is ever certain, but quadruple-digit gains like this are precisely what my new strategy is designed to focus in on.

2018 is going to be a fantastic year for natural resources.

And those who use my Front Line Profits strategy will have the chance to make more money in the next year than they’ve had the chance to make in the last decade.

Jeff: And nobody else has access to your Front Line Profits strategy?

Matt: Nope, no one. This is proprietary, and only those who attend the summit will have the chance to take advantage of it.

In fact, I’m targeting three potential 1,000% wins right now … which is just one more reason why now is the ideal time to share it with those who will be watching this Thursday.

Jeff: Well, I for one can’t wait to see what you have to show us.

Matt: I’m really pumped about it too Jeff. Let’s look everything over when I get into town Thursday morning.

Jeff: Sounds good Matt. Thanks for your time, and I’ll see you then.

Matt: Sure thing, Jeff. See you next week.

I hope you enjoyed listening in on my conversation with Matt.

Using this one simple chart as his starting point, Matt was able to create his game-changing strategy for identifying natural resource stocks that are poised to soar 1,000% or more.

The best part is, Matt has designed his strategy so that ANYONE can use it.

And he’ll show you exactly how on Thursday, January 25, at 1 p.m. EST.

Just head over to around 10 minutes to 1 p.m.

And remember to check out the other eye-opening articles Matt and I posted for you this past week.

Jeff Yastine
Editorial Director, Banyan Hill Publishing

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