An Important Lesson for Spotting Big Winners

By Matt Badiali

It’s true what they say; you never should judge a book by its cover.

I’ve been a geologist for over 20 years.

And in that time, I’ve been to some pretty wild and exciting places…

My colleagues roll their eyes whenever I recount the story of my recent visit to an old Alaskan gold mine … particularly the part about the helicopter landing on a parking-space-sized stack of railroad ties on the side of the mountain (they’ve heard it a dozen times).

My wife still gets a chill down her spine at the mere mention of my visit to an oil field deep in the jungle of Papua New Guinea.

And my journey to oil wells in the desert of war-torn Iraq … well, let’s just say it was one of the most intense trips I’ve been on yet.

But one particular mining site visit has been etched into my memory more than any other…

Not because it was dangerous. And not because it was exciting. In fact, it was just a side-trip while working in Turkey …but it taught me a very important lesson: never judge a book … or a mine … by its outward appearance.

This particular project sounded stellar…

It was an extension of one mined by a French company in the 1950s.

The drill results were astonishing. The cores were loaded with metal.

And the folks I spoke with at the company told me that they were about to go into production. They said the headframe (the top of the mine that hoists the metal out of the ground) was already built.

So we detoured about a hundred miles out of our way to go check it out.

What I saw when I got there left me speechless … and not it a good way.

There was nothing there.

Just a lot of ground with holes in it. No trucks. No blasting. No ore.

The headframe was nothing more than a wooden shack. It was a total fake.

This company was nowhere near production. And it was nowhere near delivering a 100% gain… let alone 1,000%.

And yet we never would have known it if we didn’t look deeper than what appeared on their “cover.”

It Can Mean The Difference Between Making a Fortune or Going Broke

Doing this one thing alone — digging a little beneath the surface — can mean the difference between hitting it big or going broke with ANY stock … and especially important with junior resource stocks.

Of course, not everyone has the means or the connections needed to visit these resource sites in person.

That’s OK though, because there are three key indicators anyone can look for … using nothing more than the internet and a computer … to find out if a junior mining stock is poised to be a winner.

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In the meantime, if you haven’t read all of our articles from the past few days, make sure you do it now. (I suggest you read each of them at least once so you can get the absolute most out of your experience!)


Matt Badiali
Creator of the Front Line Profits Strategy

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